Managing the procurement of new systems and equipment can often seem like a complex, risky and daunting task, after all your organisation may be committing a considerable amount of budget and resource to the new purchase and getting things wrong could prove extremely costly.  The same can also be said for companies wishing to tender to supply new systems and equipment, where jumping through all the hoops in order to be successful can feel like a major undertaking.

In both cases the task can be further complicated when, either by choice, or due to necessity to comply with European Union regulations (as is the case in the public sector for procurements over certain financial thresholds), the Open Journal for the European Union (OJEU) procurement process must be followed.

The degree of formality, rigour and complexity of any procurement activity is determined by several factors including the scale, cost, impact, importance and risk of the purchase to the organisation. However, irrespective of the level of procurement activity undertaken, experience has shown us that there is no substitute for good planning, clearly documented business requirements, compliance (regulatory, legal and financial) and a sound evaluation process.

RareMagic has identified three routes to procuring systems and equipment based on the scale, cost, impact, importance and risk of the purchase to the organisation and informed by the requirements gathering exercise:

  • Low Route – this type of procurement lends itself to ‘off the shelf’ purchasing and requires no competitive element in the purchase.
  • Medium Route – here the procurement is carried out through competitive quotes (typically from three companies) but no formal tendering process is involved.
  • High Route – The level and importance of the procurement means that a formal tendering process is followed.  This may be in line with the organisations own procurement rules or it may follow a recognised procurement process such as OJEU.

RareMagic has hands on experience of managing all levels of procurement activity including the fully compliant OJEU process.  We provide a range of Procurement Services across the complete lifecycle, from supporting you to plan and manage your procurement or tendering process through to providing a fully managed procurement or tendering package on your behalf.